Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Homeopathic Treatment of Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis

Recently I treated a kitten for what may have been feline viral rhinotracheitis. Although knowing a medical disease label has little use in most homeopathic prescribing, in some instances it can be helpful. These incidences include animals, with the lack of subjective symptoms, and diseases which are serious and can quickly deteriorate.

I don’t rely on a blood test or a vet’s diagnosis, but on the development of the symptoms themselves.

The only reason this can be helpful, is because an extra remedy can be used, to help the process along. In these cases, the extra support comes from what is called disease nosodes. The main remedy is still the most important one, with the nosode simply giving an extra boost.

The reasons I felt this 4 month old kitten had FVR included:

  •  it’s common in young cats
  •  the upper respiratory and an eye were affected
  •  the eye was sticking closed
  •  there had been some sneezing
  •  there was a fever
  •  this can be severe

Only the left eye was affected and this was red, with swollen tissue, resembling raw meat. This eye discharge was acrid by nature. The severity of the condition was indicated by a total lack of appetite and a lack of energy; he sept a lot. He was cold, shivering.

This kitten had been reared on a quality natural diet. He had always had a good appetite. There had been no stresses in his life, no sudden shocks or griefs, at least that were known. So no obvious link.

This kitten’s person worked with me, over the period. She kept me informed of each day’s progress, or lack of. She changed remedies as instructed. It was a pleasure to work with her.

The kitten kept drinking, although there was no appetite. This is important to monitor as you don’t want the added complication of dehydration. After a couple of days, he suddenly recovered his appetite and tucked into his evening meal with gusto. The following day he resumed his energetic, kitten behaviour. His recovery was fast. He still sneezed occasionally and although much improved, his eye was still a little swollen.

This is the correct order for cure. His systemic conditions - energy and appetite - should recover first, with the physical symptoms improving along the way.

An incredibly important aspect of homeopathic treatment is monitoring the progress.. It is not simply a question of finding the best matched remedy. Knowing what should happen (which is not always the obvious), how to dance around what does happen, potency selection and dose repetition are all vitally important for a successful recovery.

Whilst I am a great advocate for everyone learning how to home prescribe homeopathically, there are times when it is not practical or advisable. This was one of them.

And last but not least, have you sen this beautiful Youtube of a cat interacting with dolphins? How little we know about nature and animals.
Cat and Dolphins Playing Together

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