Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Cure Your Cat Itching With Homeopathy and Diet

If you are looking how to cure your cat itching, then you may find that homeopathic treatment provides you with all, and more, that you need.

There are two things about your cat itching that immediately spring to mind. One is that your cat’s immune system is compromised (to have the problem in the first place). The other is that it is not too badly damaged, as when the skin is showing up as the main area of disease expression, the host has only dropped one notch of health.

Compromised immune systems can come about from a variety of causes. Some of these include:

  •  an unhealthy diet
  •  your health (or lack of)
  •  drugs and vaccines
  •  chemicals in their environment (house and/or garden)

Surprising though it may seem, keeping yourself as healthy as possible, preferably by holistic means, will go a long way to keeping your cat healthy. It is becoming more obvious (as we are becoming more aware) that domestic pets tend to help us shoulder our burdens. So you need to work on you, for your cat’s sake if not your own.

A diet of processed food, by virtue of its daily consumption, is likely to create many health problems. A diet of processed pet food is as far away from a natural diet as it is possible to get. Holistic veterinarians do themselves out of a lucrative income by persuading their patient’s people to make a switch to a natural diet.

They find both mild and serious disease just disappear.

When the skin is used as the primary expression of disease, the patient is still in reasonable health. This is because the skin is the least important organ of the body. If skin eruptions are suppressed, then expression is sought in more important organs, such as the kidneys or the liver.

If you learn how to cure your cat itching with homeopathy, then you will do this by raising your cat’s immune system so she can now cure herself. But, by continuing with the processed diet, it will probably keep returning.

Whilst professional homeopathic help is probably your best option, you may be able to do some successful home prescribing. Rhus tox is a common homeopathic home prescribing medicine, as valuable to the practitioner as to the home prescriber. It may be a great medicine for your cat itching as long as the itching is intense and improves in the hot weather, worsening in the cold weather.