Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Best Moist Cat Food for a Diabetic Cat Doesn’t Come in a Packet

When you go searching for the best moist cat food for a diabetic cat, I suggest you pause for a moment. Think about why you cat is diabetic in the first place.

Holistic health professionals, both for human and for animal are well aware of some of the most common causes of diabetes. If you can address the cause, the problem disappears.

Diet is critical to health. Feed a bad diet and the heath of the recipient will be poor.

Processed and commercial cat food, whether it comes in a can, a packet or any other way, is nutrient poor.

No quality food goes into pet food. The quality food all goes to the more lucrative human market. The left overs, which are out of natural balance, goes into pet food.

Things like all the unwanted fat, hooves, intestines, heads. And that’s not all. Road kill, euthanised pets and zoo animals also go into the mix in many pet food manufacturers.

Then a cheap filler is added, such as sugar, melamine, crushed nutshells, sawdust or anything that is cheap on the world market.

Moist cat food is notorious for the toxic preservative it contains. Formalin. This is normally used to embalm dead people.

Does this list of ingredients sound health promoting to you?

Is it any wonder your cat has diabetes?

Why not change your cat’s diet to real food? Human grade raw meat and bones. That’s how they evolved.

There is no doubt that the best moist cat food for a diabetic cat is a raw meat and bones diet.