Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Natural Treatment of Feline Diabetes Can Totally Resolve It

Feline diabetes is becoming quite common. And there are some very effective homeopathic medicines which can help. But I believe there is an underlying cause. And that if this is addressed, the problem will disappear.

I believe cats are too toxic. In some ways, this is a by product of today's’ industrialised world. You can’t get away from that. But I don’t believe that is the heart of the problem. It’s closer to home.

Cats are very sensitive to chemicals. Much more so than we are, so the use of chemical household cleaning products may not be doing them any good.

But the real reason behind feline diabetes, in my opinion, is their diet. If you feed your cat any form of a processed cat food, this is the most likely cause.

Processed cat food starts of with low grade meat or meat by-products. The better cuts are sold for human consumption, where a better price can be asked.

Then a cheap filler is added, to bulk out the ‘meat’. This can be anything from sawdust, to sugar, to crushed nut shells, to melamine. None of this is in your cat’s interest. And the addition of the sugar may be the straw that broke the camel’s back, as the saying goes.

But, by far the most damaging ingredient will be the preservative which allows a long shelf life. Good for business, but is it good for your cat?

Despite the label, preservatives must be used to ensure this long shelf  life. And they are toxic. So toxic, they would not be allowed in human food. But as there are no laws governing cat food, they can legally be used. What am I talking about?

Ethoxyquin. Carbolic acid. Formaldehyde. I’m sure there are others I am yet to discover.

So by changing your cat’s diet to quality raw meat and bones and eliminating all processed cat food, you may find your cat makes a full recovery from feline diabetes.

Without any other help.