Sunday, December 13, 2009

Six Reasons Your Cat Vomits and What You Can Do

When a cat vomits, it may be normal, or it may indicate a problem. How can you tell which it is?

Let’s explore the reason a cat vomits in the first place.

  1. Cats groom themselves regularly, ingesting fur as they do. The normal way they get rid of this is by vomiting up fur balls. This is normal and natural. And the vomit looks like a small, moist parcel the colour of their fur.
  2. A cat often vomits after they have eaten grass. They will throw up saliva (or food if they ate immediately after eating the grass). This is a natural cleansing way your cat has, is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, if it occurs occasionally. The vomit will just be saliva with blades of grass.
  3. Vomiting in food poisoning is the normal way to rid the system of something unwanted in the stomach. In an acute situation, this is normally over in a matter of hours or days, if the cat was successful at dealing with the problem. The vomit will be the food they recently ingested.
  4. Vomiting, along with diarrhoea and skin eruptions, is the best way the body has to rid itself of toxins. The toxic preservatives in commercial pet food will make your cat very toxic. Constant vomiting is helping your cat dump some of the overload.
  5. Vomiting can also mean that your cat may have a health problem and the last thing he needs is the burden of digestion. Digestion takes a lot of energy and if your cat is dealing with a health issue, digestion would direct too much energy away from the task in hand. So they dump the food, to allow all their spare energy to focus on the problem.
  6. When a cat is switched from a commercial pet food to a quality raw one, vomiting is likely to occur for a short period initially. This is a normal cleansing and should be left.

A healthy cat will be able to deal with most situations, so careful monitoring is the best thing to do in the early stages, if nothing sinister, such as rat poisoning, is suspected.

If your cat’s immune system is very low, then it’s likely that they can’t deal with the problem, and so it lasts long enough to be concerned about the possibility of dehydration and the lack of eating.

Cats need good quality food. Sadly, most cats have to exist on the poor quality commercial cat food that comes in a packet or a can. This is the most likely reason your cat vomits.

If you change your cat’s food to a healthy raw meat and bones diet, it’s likely that the chronic vomiting will stop, allowing for the initial de-toxining period.

Being guided by what your cat vomits, you can reach the logical problem, and so solution.