Monday, July 13, 2009

What is the Most Nutritious Cat Food?

Not that long ago, everyone relied on an ‘expert’ for guidance. Teachers were thought to have the best interests of the future generation at heart. Doctors were considered the best people to entrust with your health. Likewise with veterinarians for animal health.

This may have been good for the time.

But it made some people very powerful. And, inevitably, this power corrupted.

So, in time, good welfare was the last thing on some of these professionals minds. Good income was, and is, more important.

The advent of the internet is slowly changing all that.

But it can still be a maze, working out what is the most nutritious cat food you can feed your cat to make sure she has a healthy, trouble free and long life.

Pretty packets and cans can (and do) easily influence many people.

Impressive words such as ‘balanced nutrition’, ‘fortified with x for a longer life’ can easily lure people in if you are still stuck in the idea that ‘experts’ know more than you do.

After all, they’ve got a degree to prove they know more, haven’t they?

Degree or no degree, you can slash your way through the maze more effectively if you consider just two points.

  1. Cats have been fed various forms of commercial cat food for a mere trifle compared with their evolution, perhaps 100 years. But in those years, cats have been more needed as mousers or ratters than pets. So it’s probably a lot less.
  2. A cat is a true carnivore, a true hunter. They will never be content without raw meat. Whatever you think of this idea, this is how cats evolved. This is their true nature.

It is essential that you take this concept into consideration in your ponderings of what is the most nutritious cat food.

You’ll be happy to know that to feed a cat according to his nature, it is not necessary to go out hunting mice and rats (although prey size is relevant).

Keeping this concept firmly in your mind, you can now see that you are easily able to cut through all the chanting salesmen, trying to gain access to your dollars.

Now you can avoid all the harmful fillers from China, all the toxic chemicals you’re afraid may be in a packet of ‘nutritious’ cat food. Now you don’t need to rely on anyone else. Or worry about how ethical a producer may be.

Whenever you want to reaffirm what is the most nutritious cat food, you just go back to this concept.

Cats need raw meat (and bones) to live a trouble free and long life. That’s how they evolved.

Cats need a diet of 95% raw meat and bones.

Not 30% low grade cooked meat by-products, 65% cheap filler and 5% toxic preservatives and synthetic ‘nutrients’ that can’t be digested.

So now, when someone asks you what is the most nutritious cat food, you can answer easily and with great confidence, whether or not you finished high school, let alone have a degree.

It’s common sense.