Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Cat Health Prevents Worms - Discover the Secret to Achieve This

Good cat health will prevent worms, fleas and disease. There can be no higher ideal. A healthy cat will never have a proliferation of worms or fleas and will always be able to resist any passing health problem.

The confusion arises about peoples different interpretations of what constitutes good cat health. However, I believe it can be easy to cut through the hype and focus on what is really important.

When you consider that man has only been messing about with cats health for less than 100 years, it really isn’t long enough to have discovered much. Compare this with the millions of years that cats have evolved. Nature has had a much longer time period to perfect the diet and health.

Man is ego driven and profit driven. Neither of these aspects spell truth, honesty and integrity. It’s much more likely that someone wants to persuade you to their way of thinking, either because it will profit them financially, or because it will help to bolster up their ego. So you need to ask yourself if the information given is also good for your cat’s health.

If you start to feed your cat according to how she evolved, then her health, her immune system, will improve. Anyone with a healthy immune system is immune to the proliferation of parasites and the onset of disease.

Parasites, in small numbers, are not necessarily a problem. Every body teems with bacteria. You can’t survive without it. Neither can your cat. And some internal parasites are also beneficial. What becomes a problem, is the proliferation, the out-of-control breeding.

When you feed your cat a raw diet, according to her evolution, the meat is digested quickly. This means there is no time for it to hang up in pockets in the intestines, allowing over-breeding to occur.

If you feed your cat the low quality commercial pet food, so typical of today, this is not digested easily. It passes through the digestive tract slowly, allowing over-breeding to occur.

It’s always more beneficial to find the cause of any problem and remedy that, rather than treating the effect. This is never as satisfactory.