Monday, December 21, 2009

Diabetic Cat Food Firstly Needs to Be Nutritious

If you want to find a good diabetic cat food, then I ask you to pause for a moment. Think. Why has your cat got diabetes in the first place? Cats never used to get this disease. It’s something that had happened in the last decade or so.

And wild cats don’t get it.

So it’s something that humans do to cats.

One of the most unnatural things many cats are subjected to is a nutrient poor diet.

Cats have evolved on eating freshly killed small animals. They usually eat the whole carcass. So they are getting very fresh meat, mostly muscle meat, some organ meat, lots of raw, crunchy bones and the skin.

Now lets look at typical commercial pet food. It contains predominantly meat that is not wanted in the human market. Foods such as fat, heads, hooves, intestines. And some manufacturers add road kill and euthanised pets and zoo animals.

Can you see the difference in the quality of the food?

And bear in mind that commercial pet food with contain preservatives, despite what it says on the label.

Are preservatives a health enhancer?

So, by switching to a healthy, human grade raw meat and bones diet, I suggest that you will most likely be able to cure your cat’s diabetes. In the unlikely event that this change won’t cure it, then I guarantee it will improve your cat’s health in some way, in the long term.

Think about it. A good diabetic cat food, should be a healthy cat food.