Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alternative Medicine for Cats

It’s a natural step, after you have discovered alternative health care for yourself to start looking at alternative medicine for cats. After all, if you prefer this approach, it’s likely your cat will benefit, too.

Alternative medicine for cats as well as for people is certainly on the increase. Why should this be? Well, some of the main benefits over mainstream health care are:

  • there are no side effects
  • it works with nature, rather than opposing it
  • it is less expensive
  • you can learn to use some at home, which empowers you
  • your cat will be more receptive to taking the medicine

One of the best alternative medicines for cats, as well as for everyone, in my opinion is homeopathy. Homeopathy is very gentle, but also very deep. You can learn to use many of the common remedies at home. This can not only save you a fortune in veterinarian fees, it is also tremendously enlivening.

I tell you, there is nothing more exciting than your first success. I well remember mine. I was a homeopathic student and had bought a few common remedies and a few books. One day one of my cats stopped eating. I left it a few days, but after the fourth day, I took her to the veterinarian.

She was diagnosed with kidney disease and given a few months, at most to live. I refused the offered medicine. Once home I dived into my books. After assessing all her symptoms that I could, I chose a remedy.

She was happy to take it. But imagine my state of mind when, within 10 MINUTES, she walked into the kitchen asking for food.

Euphoric is an understatement!

This was a common remedy, available to all home prescribers.

The book I used is a common homeopathic book for cats.

A few more doses and she was completely recovered. She lived another three healthy years.

Nothing can describe that feeling. Nothing.

I know of no other alternative medicine for cats that gives you the depth of healing and the scope for home prescribing. And you can get to this level of success very quickly.

Whilst homeopathy is a wonderful modality of medicine, you can’t go past environmental factors for a good all round balanced health care system for your cat. Factors such as:

  • diet
  • stress at home
  • lack of respect for her
  • chemicals in your home or garden
  • freedom to be where she wants to be

Alternative medicine therapists will take all these factors into consideration as they well know the value of each and every one of them. Mainstream veterinarians are not trained to look beyond the condition. They are trained to match a drug to the condition. This can be very limiting.

Open your mind to the fact that you may be causing your cats illness, by any of the above factors. But also by not taking care of yourself. Your illness may be causing your cats illness. Sort yourself out, preferably holistically, and you may be surprised to find your cat perks up, too.