Monday, February 1, 2010

Home Made Cat Food is the Best - Six Good Reasons Why

Home made cat food has the potential of providing all your cat’s nutritional needs, unlike processed food, which provides few.

You want the best for your cat, so are likely to buy superior food. Actually, it would be impossible not to, as the low grade food that goes into making processed cat food is not available on the market. No consumer would buy it.

Only pet food manufacturers buy it as they have a greater interest in their bottom line than in the health of your cat.

So lets look at the different options available to you, which go to make up why you should provide home made cat food, as opposed to processed food.

  1. the meat you buy is very fresh
  2. the meat you buy is good quality
  3. you can offer the food raw
  4. you wouldn’t pad out the food with cheap, non-nutritional filler
  5. you wouldn’t add preservatives, colours or appetite stimulants
  6. you can opt to add healthy, natural, whole food supplements simply to ‘top up’ rather than to redress the poor quality

And don’t feel that raw, human grade food is expensive. It is more expensive to buy pound for pound (or kilo for kilo), but as they need far less in quantity, because the quality is so much better, it actually works out about the same or a bit cheaper.

Not only will your cat be healthier on a diet made with care and dedication, it will be cheaper too. No more expensive trips to the veterinarian. That alone can save you thousands, as well as heart break.

Home made cat food, when made with their evolutionary history in mind, will ensure a healthy and happy cat.