Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Terrified Feral Cat Transformed

I adopted a feral kitten several years ago. She’d also suffered a bad human experience, making her doubly fearful. Although she settled in well, she was always rather timid and the other cats soon learned to pick on her weaknesses. So much so, that she eventually decided to live outside. At least she had peace at night, when the others were shut inside.

Periodically I dosed her with a remedy I thought would help, but as the years went by with no improvement, I tended to be content that she was safe and well fed, even though frightened.

A few months ago, I started to use mental imaging for things I wanted to change in my life. The problems we have as humans, is that even though we want to change, it’s like pulling yourself out of a rut. You need a helping hand.

I chose to imagine Siobhan calmly walking into the house on her own, sitting beside other (bullying) cats, washing them and being washed by them. I imaged her eating side by side with the others.

The energy of this imagery was an invitation, rather than desperation (it works better this way).

Prior to the imagery, I connected’ with Siobhan by visualising her heart, then my heart, then a string connecting our hearts.

I did this imagery periodically, when I remembered to. There were large stretches when I didn’t do it, focussing on other areas.

However, at some stage, I did get an intuitive feeling to treat her with a remedy I had tried before, but in a higher potency (strength).

Within a few days, I noticed a shift in her energy. She still didn’t come in, but she seemed somewhat less timid.

At some stage, when I felt it appropriate I dosed her again.

Last week, she seemed to want to come in, so I placed her dishes a couple of feet inside the door near where she ate. After a bit of hesitation, she came in, ate her food and went straight out.

A great move forward.

This lasted a week.

Then she seemed not to want to go straight out. She explored, then found a place to sit. She settled then smiled at me, inviting me to cuddle her. I approached this cautiously as she had resisted my approaches for years.

She allowed me to stroke her, then lift her up. She was purring.

Even I have been stunned by the speed of her transformation and I’m used to seeing this sort of thing.

Truly, the earth moves under good homeopathic treatment.


  1. I know remedies are prescribed very individually in homeopathy; but I was wondering what remedy and what potency did you use?
    Would you feel comfortable in posting this additional information?

  2. There are many frightened, and terrified, remedies. As a prescriber, it took me a while to get it right. Passing on what the remedy was is unlikely to be of help to anyone other than another homeopath. The remedy was not a common home prescribing one. The object of this article was to illustrate what homeopathy can do.