Sunday, April 11, 2010

Keeping Cat Teeth Healthy in a Single, Not Always Easy, Step

Cat teeth should remain white and sharp all their lives. Their gums should be pink and plump. Yet it’s common for cats to have tartar on their teeth, to have missing teeth or to need a tooth extraction occasionally.

This is unpleasant for the cat and expensive for you.

How can you ensure your cat’s teeth remain in good order all their lives?

There is one simple answer to this. You can’t. Not totally. Occasionally a cat will break a canine tooth. This doesn’t matter, as domestic cats have no need for the canine teeth, which help hold a struggling prey animal.

But you can do something really simple to preserve the other teeth, as well as the gums.

And that is to make sure their diet includes meaty bones. Such as chicken necks or wings. A whole neck or half a wing of an average sized chicken, once a day, will provide all your cats needs. As long as they spend time crunching up the bones.

Crunching bones keeps cat teeth clean and free from tartar, massages the gums and keeps their minds happy.

Don’t have any fears about ingesting splintered bones. Cats evolved on a diet of small rodents and can cope very well with raw bones.

It’s the cooked chicken bones that are the hazard. Always feed your cat RAW bones.

And keep the size in proportion to what a cat would naturally hunt. Chicken thigh bones are too big and may chip their teeth.

Many people think that dried processed cat food pellets do the same job. After all the packet tells you it does. I can assure you that they don’t even come close to doing the job. For many reasons.

It’s not always easy to convince an adult cat that a raw chicken wing is delicious. Imagine trying to change your kids diet from fast food to fresh fruit. Do you think the change over will be easy? Will be without problems?

The same goes for your cat.


  1. I have nine cats and only five of them really crunch the bones of the chicken wings. The orhet four are just eating the meat away. I think it is because they alreay have poor quality teeth and their gums have red spots. I think it hurts them to crunch on bones. How could I make these cats using their teeth?

  2. Cats often get a build up of tartar on their teeth. If the cat is compliant, you can flick this off with a finger nail. Otherwise the remedy Fragaria 6c daily can help, but it may take some time. Meanwhile, cutting the bones up will make it easier for them and ensures they get all the nutrients.