Monday, March 22, 2010

Homemade Cat Food Makes for the Healthiest Cat

Homemade cat food means that you have control over what your cat eats, rather than a cat food manufacturer, who only has interest in the bottom line - his profit. He has no interest in the health of your cat.

If you take control of what your cat eats, then you have control over your cat’s health.

Health is inextricably linked to diet.

Garbage in, garbage out.

If you feed your cat the garbage that passes for cat food, then you can expect your cat to get many ailments. Expect your cat to cost you thousands in veterinary fees.

Some people think that homemade cat food is expensive.

But it isn’t on two counts.

One is that the amount you feed your cat is much less quality food than the large amount of processed food.

The reason is that quality food is nutrient dense. Processed food is nutrient poor.

So while you might be paying more for the food, you’re giving less of it.

The second reason is the health care. A cat fed quality homemade food is likely to be healthy right up to the end. Imagine the veterinarian bills you’re not spending.

And learning what to give and how to feed your cat is not difficult. The most important points to remember is that cats evolved on a raw food diet, so that’s the one they do best on.

The other important thing to remember is that their most important needs are meat and bones, so both should form the bulk of their diet. Make sure the bones are always raw, never cooked, as these can splinter and cause problems.

Homemade cat food, made with quality ingredients and personal dedication will make for a happy and healthy cat.


  1. Hello Madeleine,
    My question is, if your not ready to switch fully over to a raw food diet for your cat. Can you start by giving her some raw bones once in a while. Thanks~LIsa

  2. Hi Liz
    As you have already grasped, it's all about when YOU are ready to think differently. So the answer is most definitely YES, any raw, however infrequently, is better than no raw. And by starting, you are more likely to continue down that path.

    Changing our habits and thinking is not necessarily easy for most people. Baby steps are often the best and most effective ways to change and move forward.