Monday, April 13, 2009

Cat Health Problems - Seven Easy Steps to Banish Them

Health is directly related to nutrition. This is true for you and every animal under the sun. That old saying of garbage in, garbage out is so very true, that few people doubt it.

Lets have a look at a few reasons why cat health problems seem to abound:

  1. in the wild, cats live on freshly killed, raw prey, whereas in domesticity, cats who are fed commercial pet food have a diet of cooked food, often for long periods at high temperatures and pressures
  2. in the wild, cat‘s prey will be mostly quality muscle meat, little fat, a small amount of organ meat, little or no carbohydrates (stomach contents) and lots of bones to crunch up, whereas cats who are fed commercial pet food have a low quality meat meal or meat by-products, high fat content (its cheap), high levels of carbohydrates (to bulk it out) and no bones to crunch on
  3. a wild cats diet is always freshly killed, whereas a commercial brand of cat food is full of toxic preservatives, too toxic to be allowed into human food
  4. a wild cat’s diet is naturally high in nutritious content, whereas a commercial pet food has synthetic and isolated nutrients, of questionable absorbability, added
  5. a wild cat’s diet is pure, natural, organic, whereas many brands of pet food contain ‘meat’ from euthanased animals, including the chemical used to kill, and laboratory animals, including the tested drug which may have killed the animal
  6. in the wild a cat will only eat if the hunt was successful, which means they often go hungry, whereas a domestic cat often has food left out all the time. This can be the cause of digestive problems later in life, as it is not in keeping with how they evolved
  7. cat health problems are few and far between in the wild - we can see this as wild cats are highly successful at colonising a new area

I believe there are other reasons for cat health problems, but by far the major contributor is the diet. The food a cat eats every day means the potential for the toxins to build up gradually, giving the appearance that the diet is not to blame.

Most of us, cats included, can manage not to succumb to disease or health problems, even if we have an inadequate diet for a short time. If however, it continues, then chronic deficiencies start to appear.

It is a sad testament to our times that money talks. Many of the larger commercial brands of pet food now have a significant influence in most of the veterinary schools. So vets are taught that commercial brands of pet foods are the most healthy. Which explains why almost all veterinary clinics are now loaded with the top commercial brands of pet food.

I never ask people to believe me. I simply put what I consider to be valid arguments and leave you, fair reader, to make up your own mind.

Could your cat health problems be a result of the diet she is fed?

What feelings and thoughts do you have on this? Perhaps you need to do a little research yourself? Thorough and unbiased research will always lead you to the truth.

Once I opened up my mind to consider everything in my quest for the cause of cat health problems, the answers came flooding in. I was the barrier, with my pre-conceived ideas.

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